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Hacienda Chorlavi hotel in Ibarra Ecuador

Hacienda Chorlavi hotel in Ibarra is one of the most well known hotels in Ibarra, offering the best quality services in the Northern Part of Ecuador. The Hacienda has 52 rooms with a maximum capacity of 120 people. We have different types of rooms, singles, doubles, and triples all equipped with cable TV,private bathroom, safe box, and closet.

Hacienda Chorlavi in Ibarra

Hacienda Chorlavi Hotel in Ibarra Ecuador,Our suites and family suites have fireplace, king size beds, hair dryer, cable TV,private bathroom, safe box, closet and desk.The new Superior Suites and Presidential Suite are the best rooms of all Hotels in Imbabura, offering internet WI-FI, Jacuzzi, minibar, fireplace with remote control,king size beds, hair dryer, cable TV, private bathroom, safe box, closet, sofa bed and desk. Schedule your stay best price guarantee .

Hacienda Chorlavi in Ibarra is magical and traditional place that that offer a large variety of services as: restaurant, catering services and banquets, karaoke, tavern, extensive gardens, pool, Jacuzzi, turquish bath, massages, kids area, minigolf, conference center, barbecue area, soccer and volleyball court, organic garden and We are located at Panamericana Sur Km. 4 1/2 Ibarra, Imbabura Ecuador.

Events in Ibarra

Hacienda Chorlavi will make your dream come true.we offer Social and Corporative Events,We will take care of the catering, decoration, music, and all the details needed in your special day.Gardens throughout the hacienda can be used for events.

Restaurant in Ibarra

Hacienda Chorlavi Restaurant in Ibarra is one of the best place Restaurant in Ibarra Ecuador,we offer breakfast and restaurant from monday to sunday.

Hacienda Chorlavi Social Responsibility

A code of conduct in tourism is a management and regulation tool aimed at transparency and the monitoring of the conduct of guests, tour operators and the community itself for the purpose of ensuring mutual respect, a healthy intercultural coexistence and a rewarding experience. Its application also prevents conflicts and the deterioration of the natural and cultural heritage of the community in addition to generating economic benefits. The main objective is to develop values that have an impact on the attitudes and behavior of people, leading to greater enjoyment of leisure activities while respecting the rules of the game with regard to relationships with other people and cultures who are working to improve their living conditions. This good behavior should be developed throughout all stages of tourism: before, during and after a trip made within and outside of the towns and communities

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Come and visit Hacienda Chorlavi hotel in Ibarra Ecuador! .